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A Day at Sunflowers


We do have a daily schedule at Sunflowers but it is there as a guide, after all, who know when it may snow, the window cleaner arrive or any

number of other unexpected, exciting learning opportunities.   Learning is a journey and sometimes the detours can teach us just as much if

not more than sticking to the planned route. 

We support transitions between activities by giving the children a warning prior to changing any activity so they have time to finish what they are

doing.  We encourage independence by each child having their own box or drawer in which they can put their special pictures, writing, art

and creations.  We do however try to keep meal times the same.


Children are encouraged to tidy away the toys they are playing with before they move on to the next activity.  Everything is labelled with

words and pictures so the children can tidy the toys away and all of the toys are accessible to the children.


Each of the age groups will have a slightly different daily schedule please select from the menu under ‘A Day at Sunflowers’ the age group

you are interested in.

At Sunflowers we don't have set ages that the children move into different groups we move them when they are ready to move onto the

next stage of learning.





Aims & Principles

At Sunflowers Pre-School we work towards the set principles included in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and monitor the children to

ensure that all aspects of Physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth are encouraged.

We are guided by the following aims and principles, to care for and educate all children in our care.


  • To provide a broad, balanced range of experiences, which are designed to be of interest and value to the children - bearing in mind that

young children learn best through play, first-hand experience and discussion

  • To provide a caring and supportive environment.

  • To foster a feeling of mutual trust, enjoyment and fun.

  • To motivate the children, and encourage their interest, so as to ensure that all education is developmentally appropriate.

  • To recognise that each child develops at his or her individual pace.


By encouraging the children in a 'fun' way, we aim to ensure that they are always self-motivated. If a child's interests are fostered, and their

physical skills developed, they will, hopefully, have the means of self-expression and communication open to them.

The key areas of development we aim to encourage in the Foundation Stage are:

  • Personal, Social, and Emotional Development

  • Communication and Language

  • Physical Development

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Understanding the World

  • Expressive Arts & Design

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