Q: FAQ. When can I look around Sunflowers.

A: You are welcome to look around sunflowers any time during opening hours.  You don't have to make an appointment you can just drop in when you are passing.



Q: FAQ. How many settling in visits can my child have.

A: As many as your child needs, every child is different and therfore they we do not stipulate the number of settling in sessions.

Q: FAQ. Can I swap my childs sessions.

A: If we have availability then you can swap your sessions at no extra cost.




Q: FAQ. Do I have to pay if my child is off sick or on holiday.

A: Yes you still have to pay for your booked sessions.

Q: FAQ. What is the minimum number of session my child can do.

A: Every child if different so we don't specify a minimum number of sessions, but you do have to keep in mind that if your child only comes once a week for a short time they may be unsettled every week and they may benefit from attending more frequently.

Q: FAQ. Do I have to pay all year round for my childs place.

A: No you dont have to pay for your childs place all year round, we offer Term Time only places.


Q: FAQ. Can  I pay my fees weekly.

A: Yes you can we accept weekly, fortnightly and monthly payments.  You can pay your fees via BACS, Cash, Cheque and childcare vouchers.

Q: FAQ.What des my child need to bring with them.

A: We ask that you send in a spare change of clothes, drinks bottle, coat, hat, gloves, wellingtons and sun cream.  Please put your childs name on all items they bring into Sunflowers.

Q: FAQ. Do you do free Nursery places.

A: Yes we do free government funded places (NEF) for children aged 2, 3 and 4.  Please see the information found in the About Us Page


Q: FAQ. Do you do provide a hot lunch.

A: We offer healthy nutritious well balanced meals and snacks that are produces on site.


We operate a 4 week Menu and can cater for any food intolerance and allergies your child may have.


A copy of our Menus can be found on the  About Us  page

Sunflowers Nursery Pebworth, Back Lane, Pebworth, CV37 8XA   Phone  01789 507270 or  07738 707781

email sue@sunflowers.me.uk