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Mission Statement

 “To provide a warm, stimulating, caring and safe environment to allow children to grow, develop, flourish and learn”


What this means to you and your children:

  • Sunflowers is a safe nurturing environment where your child will get the attention and care that he or she needs.

  • Children's well-being supported and nurtured through close relationships with staff, a big focus on developing Personal, Social and Emotional skills and developing resilience.  

  • Children are encouraged to eat healthily through healthy snacks, cooking and discussions, and brush their teeth each day.

  • These are important formative years and it is our aim to provide a number of activities which will help your child to develop to the best of his / her ability.

  • We believe that each child is a precious gift and we are honoured to be invited by you to be a part of their life.

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