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Sunflowers Nursery Pebworth is now an Operation Encompass setting

What is Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass is a police and education early intervention safeguarding partnership enabling support for children and young people who are experiencing domestic abuse.

Operation Encompass has been running successfully in schools across Worcestershire for the last 5 years and Worcestershire Children’s First are now launching this for children who are accessing Nursery Education Funding within Worcestershire.

Operation Encompass Safeguarding Statement
Our Nursery is part of Operation Encompass. 
Operation Encompass is a national police and education early intervention safeguarding partnership which supports children and young people who experience Domestic Violence and Abuse and which is in place in every police force in England and Wales. 
Children were recognised as victims of domestic abuse in their own right in the 2021 Domestic Abuse Act. 
Operation Encompass means that the police will share information with our nursery about all police attended Domestic Abuse incidents which involve any of our children PRIOR to the start of the next school day. 
Once a Key Adult (DSL) and their deputy/ies (DDSLs) have attended either an Operation Encompass briefing or completed the online Operation Encompass Key Adult training they will cascade the principles of Operation Encompass to all other staff. All staff can undertake the online training.
Our Manager (Vicki) undertook training on 11th December 2022
Our DDSLs will receive in house training in January 2023.
Our Safeguarding Lead (Sue) received in house training on 12th December 2022.

By the end of January 2023, all staff will have completed in house training. 
From February 2023, our parents will be fully aware that we are an Operation Encompass nursery and we ensure that when a new child joins our setting the parents/carers are informed about Operation Encompass. 
The Operation Encompass information is stored in line with all other confidential safeguarding and child protection information. 
As a staff we have discussed how we can support our children who are experiencing Domestic Violence and Abuse on a day-to-day basis and particularly following the Operation Encompass notification. We have used the Operation Encompass Handbooks to inform our thinking. 
We are aware that we must do nothing that puts the child/ren or the non-abusing adult at risk. 
The Manager (Safeguarding lead by end Jan 23) will report on Operation Encompass in the termly report to staff. All information is anonymised for these reports. 
We have used the Operation Encompass Key Adult Responsibilities checklist to ensure that all appropriate actions have been taken by the nursery. 
When Owner, DSL or DDSLs leave the nursery and other staff are appointed, they will ensure that all Operation Encompass log in details are shared with the new Owner /Key Adults and that
new members of staff will undertake the Operation Encompass online training.  

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