This is an example of what happens during the day - it is not rigid and we always ensure that we meet the childns individual needs.  We always encourage the children to join in with all focused activities and change the activity to meet the individual learning level of each child

3.30pm  Play Time



We have such fun in the afternoon playing with the big children when they come over from school.  We even get to have biscuit

 with them

4.45pm Tea Time




What a busy day we have had just time to sit together for a high tea and a final play before we go home


While the emphasis is now more on promoting learning, the atmosphere is relaxed and the children still progress at their own pace.


Teaching is informal but carefully planned and structured following the required guidelines.


Building a child's confidence, self respect and respect for others plays a huge part in the aims of the nursery.


The children are taught to express their feelings and natural curiosity about the world and everything in it.

8.00am Breakfast Time



Self-service selection of breakfast cereals and toast  is on offer until 8.45.

Children are encourages to help themselves


9.00am Play Time



We have circle time where we sing hello to everyone and find our names to put on the registration board, we then go off

and play


10.00am Snack Time



We are invited to join in with snack where after washing our hands we can enjoy a drink of milk and a choice of fresh



10.30am Key Group



We spend time with our key worker enjoying focused learning activities.  We can choose to play inside or outside with our



11.45am Lunch



We tidy away the morning activities and sit down together for a story or some singing.  Before we enjoy our hot lunch we wash our hands


12.15pm Quiet Time



After lunch we choose from lots of quieter activities

and if we are tired we can have a little rest in the cosy corner



            1.00pm Key Group



We have a busy afternoon of play, developing our abilities with a wide variety of activities and we even manage to fit in a