This is an example of what happens during the day - it is not rigid and we always ensure that we meet the children’s individual needs and fit with their eating and sleeping patterns.  All children have their own cot and bedding and each cot has a sensor alarm pad.

4.45pm Tea Time



We have such fun in the afternoon playing we have used all our energy so it's a good job it's tea time.

We sit with the

big children


5.15pm Nearly Home Time



What a busy day we have had just time for one more nappy check and a final play before we go home


8.00am Breakfast Time



A selection of breakfast cereals,fruit, toast fingers and milk is on offer

followed by

Nappy check


9.00am Play Time



A chance to explore what toys are out to stimulate our minds and an opportunity to have a little nap in a cosy cot

if we are tired


10.00am Snack Time



If we are awake we join the big children and share their tasty snack and have a drink of milk and some fresh fruit


10.30am Key Group



We spend time with our key worker enjoying focused activities and have a chance to play outside after a nappy check


11.45am Lunch



We have a story then wash our hands ready for Lunch.  We sit with the big children and have a go at feeding ourselves our

tasty lunch


12.30pm Afternoon Nap



We have had such a busy day we need to recharge our batteries so we have a nappy check and a well-deserved




            2.00pm Play Time



After our rest we have  a nappy check and a little snack then get ready to play with variety of noisy and interesting