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Our Outside area: a work in progress


We love to climb up and down the slides, in and out of the tyres, on the trampette and sing `row the boat' on the see saw. 

Some of our favourite outdoor activities are; going on treasure hunts and creating elaborate obstacle courses!

Our Nursery backs on to a working farm.  When we were sharing our ideas for the outside area, we all agreed that we would need somewhere so we could not only be Farmers, but Builders and Makers too! 

Exploring and investigating using our senses is really important at our age.  We have started to create a Sensory garden this summer. 

So far we have; Rosemary, Sage, Lavender, Mint, Peppermint, Curry leaves, Chives and have also planted our own potatoes, sunflowers, cucumbers, strawberries and carrots.

Always improving: We are hoping to remodel our outside area and are asking parents, carers, Grandparents and friends if they have any resources, skills, or links with people who could provide us with grants in order to achieve this. If you know anyone or have any ideas, please contact Vicki via

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