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Parent Testimonials

April 2023

Thank you so much Vicki, I'm so proud of him. He's absolutely thriving at Sunflowers and I thank you all for your hard work!

January 2023

Hi vicki , I just want to say thankyou,
For a nursery to pick up on X's needs, like you have, and adapt like you do, has shown me he is just in the right environment to thrive .  You and all the girls do such an amazing job and I’m so happy to have found a place that cares like you do. 
Just wanted you all to know how grateful I am for you all :)

April 2023

November 2022:
Charlie has always been happy to go into (nursery) school and after having the opposite with S____ at her nursery fully believe the kids are the best barometer but just wanted to say I think you’re really doing an amazing job. You can see the hard work and care you all take and it is very appreciated so thank you.

"They have great staff and a lovely warm environment for little ones to grow and develop. I definitely made the right choice.”​

Joanna, mother of 2, aged 8 & 1

“Lola has had another fab day with you guys today. Paul says she runs off as soon as she gets in through the bye byes too much to do!! Fab. Thank You.”


Amy, mother of 2, age 7 & 2

"Since our daughter joined Sunflowers nursery, we have seen a marked improvement in her speech, she had previously been referred for speech therapy as her development was not as advanced as expected. 

The team work hard to engage with all the children and both our children are always keen to go to nursery and always come home happy.

The nursery has good communication with ourselves via phone and email and the use of the ‘famly app’ has become key in keeping ahead of the children’s development and logging their activities in nursery.


We would have no hesitation to recommend the Sunflower team and nursery to other parents as thank them for the time they put into the nursery setting and our children’s development."

Zoe mother of 2 aged 1 & 4

"My son Tobias, started attending sunflowers in November 2018

I cant praise sunflowers enough. They are amazing. Tobias has developed so much since being there. He can now write his own name, he can count to 20 and he knows most of the alphabet. He loves all the staff, and talks about them non stop. 

I love the famly app they use. It great see photos of there day. 

My youngest son Jason (nearly 3), now attends sunflowers once a week. In the very short time he been there, he speeches improved dramatically. He is due to start his 30 free hours in September. There is no doubt in my mind he be going to Sunflowers. As I love everything about them. And the staff are truly amazing. 

Any one looking for a nursery I will always highly recommend sunflowers."

Laura mother of 2 aged 4 & 3


"Sue and the team at Sunflowers have been brilliant.   They have been extremely helpful and accommodating throughout and most importantly have listened to us and communicated well at all times.  This gives us great confidence in the care they give but the real testimonial is how happy our little boy is when he comes home from Sunflowers".

Dermot father of 1 aged 2

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