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Terms and Conditions

Opening Times - Sunflower  is open Monday to Thursday 8.00am to 5.00pm and Fridays 8 to 4.30 all year except for Bank Holidays


Finance - Fees are payable one month in advance on the 7th of each month upon receipt of a monthly invoice. Fees can be paid by either standing order, cash, cheque or childcare vouchers.


A £25 late payment  will be added to the monthly invoice if Sunflowers have not received payment by 14th of each month. If a further 5 working days pass from this date and fees have not been paid your child will be excluded from Sunflowers until the outstanding fees have been paid.  


Sunflowers reserve the right to increase the fees at any time upon giving one calendar months notice.  Fee reviews will be conducted annually each April.


Additional sessions – will be invoiced at the end of the calendar month in which they take place.


Change’s to sessions – Should you need to change your child’s session’s on an adhoc basis you will need to contact the manager to discuss as it is possible as-long as the child to staff ratios allow it.


Nursery Education Funding (NEF) –  We are registered to claim NEF on behalf of eligible children aged three and four years.  If your child is eligible and attends for just the free entitlement / funded hours there are no other costs involved, however, if additional services or hours are booked these will be chargeable at our normal fee rate, and if not already paid a registration fee and deposit will become payable.

A terms notice is required to cancel NEF session.


Late Collection - Additional charges will made be made for those children who are late being collected (unless previous arrangements have been made with the manager). The cost for the late collection of a child is £5.00 per 15 minutes, or part of.


Refunds - There is a no refund policy of fees for non-attendance or absence of children (including illness) for any part of their regular sessions or additional sessions booked.


Notice Periods - 1 month’s written notice must be given if you wish to reduce your child’s sessions.   1 month’s written notice must be given if you wish to withdraw your child from Sunflowers.


Illness - Children suffering from an infectious or communicable disease must not attend Sunflowers, the Manager must be informed if you child is suffering from any such illness in order that other parent’s can be notified.


Children suffering with sickness and/or diarrhoea must not return to Sunflowers until a minimum of 48 hours has elapsed since the last bout;


If your child becomes ill whilst attending Sunflowers, you will be contacted immediately. It is then the responsibility of the parent to make arrangements regarding the collection of the child;

To ensure optimum safety and security for your child, children can only be collected by nominated adults (aged 18 and over). If a member of staff is not entirely satisfied with a “collectors” identity, your child will not be allowed to leave our care without further investigation.


Medication  - Administration of Medication – Sunflowers staff will only administer medication prescribed by a doctor. A signed and dated consent form must accompany this from the parent.


It is Sunflowers policy NOT to administer Infant Suspension (i.e. Calpol) unless there are extenuating circumstances. In such circumstance, the administration of Infant Suspension will be at the discretion of the Manager


General - It is the responsibility of the parents to inform Sunflowers of any changes in contact details


Liability - Sunflowers cannot take responsibility for any personal items children may bring into Sunflowers. Children should not bring items of jewellery, watches, money or other valuables into the building.


Policies & Procedures – a copy of Sunflowers policies and procedures is available on request from the Manager.

Please See Full Terms and conditions on Sunflowers Forms Page

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